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December 17, 17129

A simple blog using the markdown feature

This is an example on how to use the markdown feature of Caddy:

markdown serves Markdown files as HTML pages on demand


In our Caddyfile, we’re using the markdown directive with the basepath set to /. This instructs Caddy to look for *.md files in our root directory for every new request.

Inside the markdown block, we define the custom templates we want to use. The syntax for this is template name path. Our templates are stored in the templates directory.

Markdown files

Each Markdown file starts with some Metadata, called Front Matter. In this metadata, we define which template to use, the title of the document and the name of our site.

The file index.md has a special role as it holds no content, but acts as the landing page of our blog. Caddy will look for index files if there is no filename present in the URL.

Running Caddy

To start Caddy with this example, simply execute caddy from this folder.


Anthony Barker

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