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Transforming Money Service Businesses

  • BloomX is connecting neighborhood moneychangers across Asia to the Stellar decentralized exchange, and teaching people to use cryptocurrencies safely.
  • Our Teller app will be used by moneychangers and remittance agents to buy/sell crypto over the counter, and our Wallet app will be used by end-customers to store their crypto and access other BloomX services.
  • The BX8 token will be used to pay for each business transaction on the network, and additionally acts as cashback for the end-customers. We've signed up three big institutional partners in the Philippines to pilot the platform as early as Q3 2018, and aim to expand to neighboring countries by 2019.
  • About BloomX

  • The BloomX app store is an initiative developed by Bloom Technologies Pte. Ltd., a crypto-remittance pioneer with operations in:
    • Singapore
    • the Philippines
    • Australia
  • The app store is intended for licensed Money Services Businesses (MSBs) around the world to create new service offerings or upgrade existing services with turn-key cryptocurrency solutions.
  • These MSBs include money transfer operators, foreign currency exchange companies, and other non-bank financial institutions.
  • Primary Launch Applications on BloomX

    The primary launch applications on BloomX will include the following:
  • Crypto Foreign Exchange (CFX).
  • The CFX app will allow forex agents and their individual outlets to buy and sell major cryptocurrencies over the counter.
  • CFX will provide an easy and secure interface into the Stellar decentralized exchange as the primary source of liquidity
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet (MCW) The MCW app will give end-users safe and guided access to their cryptocurrency holdings and is expected to be branded by the respective MSB.
  • The wallet app will employ a hybrid security model, wherein each new customer will receive a custodial wallet initially.
  • Over time, the customer will be encouraged to move their cryptocurrency funds out of the custodial wallet and into a more decentralized, non-custodial environment.
  • Remittance Agent Dashboard (RAD) app The RAD app will allow money transfer operators to facilitate cryptocurrency-powered remittances to and from any supported country within the BloomX network.
  • Currently, these countries include:
    • South Korea
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • Australia
    • Vietnam
    • Indonesia
  • The RAD app has been commercially available since Q1 2016 and has facilitated over $125 ,000,000 in customer transactions.
  • The BloomX platform will launch with these three apps in Q4 2018. In Q3 2019, the BloomX app store will be opened to third-party developers who wish to create additional apps and services for MSBs, fostering a marketplace for enhanced financial services and compliant tools.

  • All commercial transactions on the three flagship apps, and on the app store, will be paid for with BX8, which is a new token issued by Bloom Technologies specifically for use within the BloomX ecosystem.
  • The token will be issued on the Stellar blockchain
  • Token Sale ends in
    49 days
    • $ 8,000,000.00
    • of
    • $ 8,000,000.00
    Website Whitepaper


    2018-06-01 - 2019-05-31
    Ticker: BX8
    Token type: STELLAR
    ICO Token Price: 0.0118 USD
    Fundraising Goal: 19000000
    SoftCap Goal: 8000000
    Available for Token Sale: 3,888,888,888 BX8 (49%)
    Know Your Customer (KYC): true
    Сan't participate: China, United States of America
    Accepts: ETH, BTC, XLM
    Country: Singapore


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