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Culture CryptoCurrency

KultCoin is a cryptocurrency devised to optimize commercial exchanges in the cultural economy.

Kults enable you to purchase works of art, digital content, VOD films, music streaming, books, movie or theater tickets…

KultCoin is the crypto cultural bank of the future: venture capital to support creative and cultural development.

Kult-Coin restores decision-making power to creators. It enables them to reclaim their role as vital protagonists in the cultural economy.

Artistes’ Services

The kultcoin.org platform provides kult members, artists, creators, craftspeople, cultural agents with an account, payment methods, credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard and the option of trading with crypto currencies.

Kult Time

Kult is the currency of creative value, but also of creative time. At the outset, a kult represents an hour of artistic work. The goal is to enhance the creative time of all artists. Because all creators are equal to the kult whatever the value or public recognition of the work created during « kult time ».


For any kult purchased, a kult will be made available free of charge to artists and cultural representatives. Any investor in the kult project will therefore be a sponsor because by buying a Kult, he or she finances the share that goes to the artists and cultural agents.

Blockchain Services

Kult offers cultural industries transparent and simplified access to the blockchain. It will also provide smart contracts drawn up to certify the authenticity of works of art, ensure copyright distribution, establish contracts for movie co-productions, music rights, etc.

The Kult Coin team is made up of artists, cultural strategists, communicators, developers, creators from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, all of whom possess thorough knowledge of cultural sectors and know how to address current issues and needs.

Token Sale ends in
242 days
  • $ 4,000.00
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2018-12-10 - 2019-12-10
Ticker: Kult
Token type: STELLAR
ICO Token Price: 2 EUR
Available for Token Sale: 10000000
Accepts: BTC, ETH, EUR
Country: FRANCE


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